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Finance your studies

or: the most frequently asked question. Part 2.


You want a university or scholarship organization to give you money? Both want you to succeed! A failing student or one that does not meet expectations is bad for everyone.  So: are the schools you are applying to a good fit? Academically? Do your grades & test results make you a desirable candidate for these schools? Did you choose the school because you found it on a list of rankings? Or, because you liked something in particular? Will you be able to pursue your extracurricular interests? 

Research is absolutely key to making sure that you and your university are a good fit. It's always good to have a plan B: don't apply to just one university. But without targeting your applications carefully, they will come back with the dreaded "Dear student, we regret..."  

Stay tuned for the next tip on how to finance your studies!

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