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Recruiting with EducationUSA in Germany

Our EducationUSA colleagues at the Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations will host an L.LM fair in the fall of 2018.

Interested in joining? Contact them at austausch [at]!

Why come to Germany?

* Germany ranks 14th among all countries which send students to the U.S. and first among continental European countries. 

* In spite of increased competition from other European countries, German students continue to be interested in U.S. study (ranked 5th), both on the undergraduate & graduate level.  

* A significant number- one third of Germans studying in the U.S. each year - are interested in non-degree and semester or year programs.  There is generous funding for short-term programs from various German sources for this.  Internships in the U.S., often combined with study, are in high demand from German students.

*Since public undergraduate education and consecutive masters programs in Germany are basically free in public institutions, U.S. institutions should be prepared to offer information on financial aid and scholarships when recruiting in the German market.

* Many young Germans are interested – and qualified - for athletic scholarships in the U.S.

* German students are generally mature and have frequently travelled abroad. The average TOEFL score in Germany is 97.


About the fair cities & the locations:

You are a representative of a U.S. university and you

  • have a question about the German educational system?
    We recommend the following resources:
    NAFSA Online Guide to Educational Systems - Germany 
    Eurypedia - European Encyclopedia of National Education Systems
    Federal Ministry of Education and Research
    German Rector’s Conference

  • have a question about a German credential? Check out
    Hochschulkompass - Accreditation of German higher education institutions
    Akkreditierungsrat - overview of German accreditation. Database of accredited programs
    Enic-Naric Network - Germany page
    For an overview, this presentation at NAFSA in 2012 might help
    German vocational certificates (Europass certificate supplements)
  • want to participate in an Exchange Fair in Germany? See top of this page!
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    Contact them here directly for expert advice
  • wish to advertise financial aid for German or international students? Send us an email at info [at]  
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EducationUSA Germany welcome U.S. schools to Germany

We are looking forward to seeing you in May 2017!