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Meet Fox Valley Technical College

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Studierende am Fox Valley Technical College

Studierende am Fox Valley Technical College

Hi, my name is Eileen Zoeller and I am from the South-West of Germany. I am studying at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton Wisconsin. I arrived here in July of 2014 to spend 1 year in the United States, mostly because I wanted to improve my English but also because I wanted to meet people from different countries and with different mentalities. 


What is your most favorite thing about Appleton Wisconsin?

I really like the Mall where you can find a lot of pretty stuff. I also like Downtown Appleton, especially the Brauhaus, because the owners are Germans, my friends and I go there once a working day. 

Was mir an Appleton gut gefällt, sind unter anderem die große Mall, in welcher man sehr viele tolle Dinge kaufen kann. Desweiteren gehe ich gerne nach Appleton Downtown. 


What is your most favorite thing about Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC)? Exchange students are really welcome, the teachers are all nice and try to comfort you as much as possible. There is also the possibility to join field trips or other freetime activities the Fox Valley Tech offers.

Austauschschüler werden sehr offen Willkommen geheißen, die Lehrer sind sehr nett 

und locker, was dir das Einleben in den Schulalltag sehr erleichtern wird. Zusätzlich 

bietet das Fox Valley Tech eine große Vielfalt an Freizeitaktivitäten und Ausflügen an. 


What do you wish to tell future international student?  

Becoming an exchange student is a great possibility to explore a new country with all its people, their culture; to learn a new language and to see new places. It can be really difficult to have the strength to stay a year abroad. It is important to keep yourself busy and to socialize with others. But in total an exchange year is a must do, at least because you will grow stronger, more self-confident and for sure you will remember this adventure for a life time!  

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