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How to study for an English test

great tips from TOEFL test provider ETS!

Five Alternative Ways to Study for the TOEFL Test

While you are busy preparing for the TOEFL test, remember that studying doesn’t always have to be a chore and many everyday tasks can help you hone your English-language skills. Here are five fun ways to study for the TOEFL test:

1. Watch television: Instead of watching something in your own language, try watching an English TV program or movie and try to follow along. If you need to, you can put on subtitles in your own language. Not only will you practice your listening skills, but watching TV and movies is a great way to pick up on conversational language. You can create flashcards with words that you have never heard before expand your vocabulary.

2. Listen to music: Everybody loves listening to music and those catchy lyrics can be used for more than singing and dancing. Download some music in English and try to understand the words and the meaning of the song. Looking up the lyrics online can also serve as a great translation exercise. 

3. Communicate with a friend: If you have a friend who is also studying English, try to communicate with them only in English. This is a great exercise to work on your speaking and listening skills. You can also make it into a competition to see who ends up reverting back into their native language first.

4. Read magazines: Many popular magazines are published in multiple languages. Try picking up your favorite magazine in English and reading the articles. You might not understand every word, but the pictures can also help you decipher what the words mean. Write down any words you didn’t previously know and look them up later in a dictionary.

5. Use technology: You are probably already spending many hours of your day on mobile devices or computers, so why not use that time to strengthen your English skills? Most devices have a setting to change the language, try switching your mobile device or computer to English and navigating the technology. You can also go online and surf the web to find English websites such as blogs, celebrity gossip or cooking sites. This technique can help you learn new words that you might find useful.

With the help of these five tips and your regular studying habits, you should be well on your way to preparing for the TOEFL test. More information about the TOEFL test is available at TOEFL test takers looking for an additional helping hand can go to Facebook®, Instagram® and LinkedIn® to see useful pictures, videos and even past TOEFL test questions. 

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