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Chris @ BU

Dorm Life in US Colleges

by Chris Merwin

My name is Chris and I received my B.A. in Philosophy from Boston University in Boston. Boston University is a private university, but it is one of the largest private universities in the United States and is located in the center of Boston.  The college experience in the United States can be a little different than in other countries.  One of the biggest differences is life in the dormitories, or dorms. Many U.S. universities, including Boston University, require that students live at least their first year in the university’s dormitory housing.  For many students, like me, this is your first chance to live on your own and outside of your parent’s house or apartment. It was really exciting to be going off to live with people my own age for the first time, but it was also a little scary. The dorm experience is one of the absolute best things about studying at a U.S. university and I would recommend to anyone, American or not, that they spend at least one year of their college time living in the dormitories.  Here are a few reasons why living in the dorm is so great.  First, some of your first, and best, friends you meet in college will be the people you meet in the dorm.  You have a group of people, all like you, who are new to the school, the city, and to living in the dorms.  You’ll study together, hang out together, discover the city together, and be there through some of the most important experiences.  If you are shy, it’s the perfect way to meet new friends! Second, the dorms are a way to get ready to live on your own without jumping in to something completely unknown. Sure, you’ll still learn to do your laundry, clean (or not) your room, deal with roommates, and pay some of your own bills (phone, TV, etc.). This is a great way to take on some new adult responsibilities without having to take all of them.  In most cases though, you’ll still eat your meals in the university cafeteria, your room is paid as part of your university costs, and no one will kick you out if you forget to pay a bill on time.  It’s a great way to start to become an adult without the stress that comes with it! Finally, you will be involved in campus life.  You will hear about all of the university activities, take part in special events, and be the first to hear about parties! It’s a rich and amazing way to feel like you are really part of the university community!   I am still good friends with some of the people I met in my first days in the dorms and the experience will remain one of the best of my college days.

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